-Handmade out of a single massiv aluminium block in our manufacture in Germany, MUSIC UNIT is a special high resolution Multi-Music-Source and one of the most puristic and finest HR-SD-Card-Musicplayers available.

It can be a Digital-Analog-Converter for your Mac, iPad, CD and other HR Sources and the center of your digital music experience in your living room.

MUSIC UNIT has been developped with no compromises considering the quality of its components.

Quality orientated persons with taste for finest design, quality and an unbelievable natural sounding music, like we used to have it in the old times at the Life-Vocal-Piano-Events, will love and passion our Music Unit.

Every component is a custom built model, with different features, constellations and a unique design. That includes the use of various extraordinary components and materials, up to gold or diamonds if requested.

The aesthetic design is kept in the classic style of the 1920s.

In the signal path only the highest quality and most carefully selected components are used. MUSIC UNIT embodies pure analog technology designed to give the highest signal fidelity with no limitations or compromises like they occur in filtering or DSP.

A pure analog design allowes every detail and nuance in the music to be faithfully reproduced.

Our quality, on the level of the satellite technology, allowes the complete reduction of disturbing parts within the signal path.

Music unit embodies the most possible puristic approach to gain the highest natural sound imaginable.

All interconnecting wires inside and outside the units are made of pure silver.

It is our aim to create a product of long lasting, impeccable quality, while avoiding any kind of compromises considering its quality. The complete product is made on a satellite technology basis.

The two boxes components, MUSIC UNIT and MUSIC POWER, have a weight of about 160 Kg. The box sizes are 15x50x60 cm. All walls are up to 2cm thick, by that all areas inside are separated considering high frequency.

Both, music unit and music power, are made out of a solid aluminium block. This imparts them a high mechanical stability comparably to the ones of products from the 1920s used to have.

Both devices have the same design and buttons and come as one audio unit.

-MUSIC POWER: A special DC battery-system  supplies about 20 hours of music without any external influence and provides music up to the highest level of naturally enjoying experience.

Therefore six battery sets are working as a concept against any kind of distortion or crosstalk.

The MUSIC UNIT contains a precise OCXO clock-oven without PLL distortion.

The 6 clock ovens are separated in different groups. Every area is secured against distortions.

This enables MUSIC UNIT to produce the highest possible precision of music with a sound quality of another dimension.

The MUSIC UNIT is around 50 cm wide and 15 cm high and stands out in any setting as a unique sculpture. Stylistically MUSIC UNIT is kept in the 1920s piece of Bauhaus art.

All signals run symmetrically along the complete signal path.

Every functional group, such as input, clocks or the DA-converter is placed in HF-shielded compartments in order to avoid any negative sort of internal influence.

The capacity of the battery power is 500.000 µF.

The dynamic range of our DAC-part is 132 dB.

A special oil filling of different areas is optional.

All Inputs, including USB are galvanically separated in order to play simply the music without any disturbances.

SD Card         I²S          AES/EBU          BNC          SPDIF          LAN          USB

-I²S: connected as 4xBNC. Flexible settings with 3 different compatibility combinations and clock input are possible. An alternative would be the Clock output.

-AES/EBU and SPDIF are made of pure silver.

-BNC, LAN and USB are silver coated.

-Our Standard-Analog-Outputs:
XLR          Chinch

Both are made of pure silver.

The XLR-output transformers are handmade and of pure silver.

The complete analogue signal path, in all steps, is absolutely symmetrical and by that without any distortions.

It delivers an original native signal from the first digital source to the speakers.

By that it delivers the purest analogue audio signal with the highest natural information rate.

Availability: We produce our products individually for every music sophisticated enthusiast.



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